Friday, October 19, 2007

Over half way through October!!!

How can time go so fast!!!! It was just September! And you can see how bad I have neglected my blog! shame on me!!!
Okay so maybe I have a good reason....I'll let you decide! I have been working on my new business. I am making stamps, acrylic....I'm designing them and have the equipement to make them and started to produce my stamps! Exciting huh! I think so....I have wanted to have stamps made out of my art for about 10 years now!! But the cost to have someone else make them was too high to ever see a profit without charging everyone an arm and leg! I thought of submitting my work to professional scrapbooking suppliers....don't think I could stand the regection! Plus they may only want a few of my designs and I already have over 35 designs!!! Well I decided that I would investigate what exactly it would take to do what I want. It took alot of research and some monies....Now it is taking alot of time. But after I have all my designs into the computer and ready to make negatives my time will be more evened out!!! At least that is my hopes.....I haven't scrapped since last months tag swap aaaaahhhhh!!!!! And let's NOT get started on my scraproom!!! Which thanks to the group at Paper Popsicles, we are trying to do our rooms together.
Speaking of Paper Popsicles we had a wonderful Fall Fling Crop weekend! I am amazed at how fast these ladies turned out awesome layouts, projects and cards! And the deals at the store were just as amazing!!!! And if you ladies are interested in some wonderful kits...check out Novembers! But they usually sell out fast so don't hesitate! I'm glad I updated my site....need to get back to work!!!