Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A little extra!

Aren't they cute!!! Just a little bit of a stamp, but full of many uses! They are my matchbook promo stamps. With every order you will get one of these mini stamps! Right now I have the balloon, Plumeria flower, and "Hi!". I do have several others in the works and they will be available within the coming weeks. So many fun stamps in store...actually not in store! You can only get these sweet little stamps with an order!
Here is a close up of the balloon next to a quarter. I hope this helps give you an idea of the size. Just big enough for a little embellishment on a card or tag or stamp a bunch of times for a background on a layout! Enjoy!!!

Marie Antoinette, Copics and what's in store...soon

I've been working on a few new stamps and this lovely lady is one of them! Introducing Marie Antoinette!!! I also found a minute to color her in with my copic markers!!! I haven't used them to often so I'm very pleased by how she turned out. So keep a look out for the Queen along with her monogram and crownto complete the set!
Some other set that I plan on releasing soon are "Backyard Critters", "Timmy's Lines", and  "A little Thanks". There are also several still getting the final touches a Celtic Cross, Gears and Cogs, Pocket Watch, and Paris Fashion just to name a few! If you're curious about what's happening and when, sign up for my enewsletter on the right. Or convo me through ETSY anytime!!!! I love to chat!