Monday, January 24, 2011

Come sail away...

Here's a page from my journal. I really like the page. I used copper ink pad from the right corner and tapered off. I then took Sapphire Glimmer mist and sprayed from the left to the right. It took me awhile to decide what to do with this page. Then a tutorial for PearlEx had me playing and I got out my stamps. This one is called Balloon Ride (one of mine). I stamped it using Stazon on transparience then ran it, image up, through the xyron adhesive machine. Peel back the backing and using the PearlEx to "paint" the image. I used pearl with blue PearlEx for the background and totally love the sky look I achieved. You then run the image through the xyrone again, I'm thinking to set the PearlEx. I used repositional adhesive and did have a problem with it lifting, but still I'm happy with the results. This is a very fun technique and encourage you to try! Oh and yes messy! But I tend to get messy when creating, so it may be just me!!!
The words Come Sail away on the left page is from one of my favorite songs from STYX. The writting on the other page is just thoughts that were in my head. I painted the area to be journaled on using an Iridescent White acrylic paint. It turned blue from the sapphire spray, but I think it looks better than if it was a stark white.

I've enjoyed taking a few minutes and doing something creative to my journal. Some days I play with paint, like watercolors. Julie is tweeting a idea for a one minute journal exercise daily. I've been jotting them down, I'm such a planner! Not always a good thing, but I did do one of the excercises and have more ideas brewing. Maybe next post I will share more of those!
Till later!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Seldom do I find a bargain that gets me this excited! Maybe it's because of my excitement about my journal and the wonderful people in the group. But while searching Michael's for items to use in my journal I came across the Travel design disc for the Design Runner. I have had the Design Runner for about 2 years and I only have one other disc for it. I don't use it often, you might be asking why I even bought it! Well, I love gadgets! Scrapbooking gadgets that is!...okay cooking gadgets too!hehe So back to my find, it is regularly priced $29.99 on clearance for $7.99! SCORE!!! I was so excited that this would be perfect for my journal I used it as soon as I got home for my cover! It's on the dark blue background, along the bottom and the 3 little stamps. The map stamp and the hat stamp are part of my Adventure Series and will be available in my etsy store soon. I love the fedora stamp ~ it reminds me of Indiana Jones and I love those movies! I'm still thinking of what phrase I want to put with it. The word Destination is from Tattered Angels, also available in my shop! Here is my cover for my Journal. I'm really happy with it, but will probably be adding more trinkets as I come across them! The holes haven't been added yet, I'll use my bind it all for that when my journal is complete.

Happy Crafting!

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Journey with my Journal

I joined this journaling group as I mentioned in the previous post. But I wasn't sure what I wanted to journal about. As I worked on my pages, spraying them with Glimmer Mist, using a stamp pad to add color and painting them with acrylic paint, I at least chose a color palette! As I did all these things I continued to wonder what was I going to do with this journal when it was time to go beyond paint.
Then as I made embellishments and played with glimmery powder (PearlEx) I thought about life and how it's an adventure. I thought about this past summer and our Adventure Wednesdays we took our son on. I thought about the adventures I dream up chatting with my online friends on the other side of the ocean. How visiting with them eating homemade bread, crocheting or scrapbooking would be a lovely adventure one day. I think about the future, will we move or stay in our home. If we move where will it be? Across town or in a whole new state? Now that would be an adventure! So I think a journal about the journey through life would be cool, my own little adventure... even if it is just the adventures of everyday life. Let the Journey Journal begin!
Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

It's been awhile since I posted here! But I'm going to try and do better. I always tell people they need to take time to dowhat makes them happy, this year I'm finally going to take my own advise! This past year I only scrapbooked a handful of times. I joined an art journal site and never completed one page! I have ideas for drawings, personal not for stamps, and haven't taken the time to pick up a colored pencil! So even though I'm NOT a resolution maker. My plan is to set aside a little bit of time everyday for me! I found a site balzerdesigns and I'm hoping that with her egging me on I can make atleast 10 minutes for myself!
I also plan on getting more involved with a couple site I enjoy visiting and do some of the sketches they have posted. I am so far behind in scrapping, especially after a summer of Wednesday Adventures! It's going to take me forever to scrap them...I'm just talking about the good photos! Not every photo I've taken!!!! So wish me luck, another of my "for me" times will be posting here more often! So I better be ready for check in!!!!;)