Thursday, February 17, 2011

A blast from the past...

My friend Judi asked to see some of my artwork. I haven't drawn in so long so it was a blast to go back and round up my pet portraits. I had started doing those in 1996 and enjoyed meeting the cats and dogs I was going to "paint". I use the term loosely because they are all done with colored pencils. I do like painting, but having long hair I tend to find it tipped with an assorted array of colors! You think I would have learned to pin it up!hahaaha Anyway I love the detail I get with colored pencils that I couldn't acheive with paints or pastels.

Back to the reason for the post! I was hunting up the images of the drawings, but found that I was missing all but the most recent drawings! I need to scan the photos into the computer/external drive so that they will be safe. For now here is a few and apparently the last several I did were of bulldogs! Also the picture of the Dalmatian on the right (scroll down to see the colored artwork) is of my pet Skeeter. He is no longer with us. He was 14 when he was taken ill. I think of him often and show Timmy the mountains of photos I took of him. Someday we will have another dog, I enjoy the company and companionship they give.
Now for the artwork....

This group of bulldogs are the puppies of the main bulldog in the back! The picture is the biggest I ever did and took 40 hours to complete!

Now on these guys the wrinkles look good!;)

Friday, February 4, 2011

A week ago, on our Friday trip to the library, guess who I finally got a photo of! I've been trying to get a picture of this guy since I first saw him this past summer. Of course it may not be the same guy, this one does seem a bit bigger. But all summer I would make sure I had my camera and the one day I didn't is when I could have had an awesome photo. Since that day we would keep our eyes peeled , looking at every retention pond and lake around the library. Finally last week Tim saw him and I made him drive around the parking lot so I could get out and take a photo. Tim thought I was crazy, but I had to get the photo! Tim thought for sure I would get closer....sorry dear I'm not THAT crazy! But my zoom works awesome, don't you think? Wondering yet who I'm talking about??? scroll down and see....

Yea, Tim wasn't as impressed with him as I was either! But how interesting the pattern and texture of his skin...only in nature! What do you think another stamp for my adventure series?