Saturday, July 26, 2008

Here's another one!!!!

I had this sketch sitting around getting dusty!!! I finally thought it was time to make these cuties into stamps!!!! They are 2 1/2 x 4" tall a great size for journaling without taking up too much room and add some whimsy to your layout!!! How about baby announcements!!!! I would love to see a set of baby announcements done with the baby data written in the journal space!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm still around!!!

Hahaha I have been nudged by my friends Tricia and Regina!!! Thanks for waking me up girls!!! I have been super busy trying to get several new sets of stamps completed....I have one set completed that I am thrilled with! It's called Rocket Ride and I am just to the moon on this one!!! My DH even commented on how much he likes it!!! That is a feat in itself! I also have an add on set I'm working on for this set. It's words like "far out" and "out a sight". They can be used with this set or alone. I'm still trying to get my owl set just right....sometimes I think I'm just overly particular! But that's just me a regular fussy~butt! The other sets are a series I'm doing of word blocks. I was hoping to get them done and ready to reveil this weekend...since it is CHA weekend! so hopefully I will by Sunday evening...either way whatever is done will be loaded in the computer and put online for all to see! I personally can't wait and I hope you are as excited as I am!
On the scrapbooking side of my life I did get a couple of projects done. Unfortunately one I gave to my nephew and forgot to take a photo first!!! DUH He had an idea for a story, but never wrote it down. I made an altered notebook to encourage him to collect his thoughts....that is where I got the idea for the word blocks. Talk about necessity being the mother of invention!!! The other project was a word book that Stacey at Paper Popsicles had a class on. She has some amazing ideas and tricks you need to check out!!!
Well, it's late and I have a full day ahead (as usual!!) Thanks again to my friends for lighting a fire under my blog!hahaha Atleast I know there is a couple of ladies interested in my life!;) Love Ya!!!