Saturday, May 28, 2011

A new friend!

He arrived yesterday. Wrapped in very cheerful paper in a large envelope. When I saw the return address label with the picture of who was inside I handed it to my little guy. He knew nothing of what could be inside! When I helped out Sherman and handed him to Timmy, that was it! True love! Timmy has taken it with him everywhere.... To bed, the dinner table, the petstore and Target! He's the first thing he grabs in the morning and the last thing he let's go of before falling asleep. Yes I think Timmy likes his new friend!!! Now I've seen Sherman for awhile and was determinded to get one for him. Everytime I went to Holly's shop, KookyCritters I just smiled. How can you not smile at these fun kooky critters!!! You may have remember I did a previous post of this shop. I helped make a stamp for her and she used it on the tag that had the story about Sherman. Which by the way, my son absolutely loved reading! And since this monster is a Tooth Fairy pillow, Timmy wanted  to know when he was going to lose a tooth!!! So Sherman has made his way into Timmy heart and our family and I have a feeling that this is the begining of a beautifully kooky relationship!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trilobites on Journals!!!

I think this smile says it all!!! At least it says how happy Timmy is with his new journal! I found this wonderful Etsy shop that makes journal covers, billfolds, wallets and ipod/iphone covers! Not only does she create these wonderful items, she stamps on them too! How unique!!! One of my new Adventure sets was A Blast From The Past. It has a trilobite in it and was inspired by Timmy's love of fossils. I chatted with InBlue and mailed my set to her so she could work her magic! Timmy was able to choose if he wanted leather or vinyl and what color vinyl he wanted his journal cover to be! So many options!!! And the nice thing is it's a cover so later on when he is older he would still be able to use it, just pop a new book into it and he's ready to go!
Well, yesterday when it came in the mail Timmy was as thrilled as could be! He held it and flipped through the pages talking about all the things he was going to do in it. Then he asked for more journals!!!! I think he'll be writing and drawing a lot in his journal this summer to earn his next one, don't you!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hahahaha They are not as scarey as you might think!!!! Actually they are so much fun!It's a great way for ETSY shops to advertise. You buy a spot by buying from a featured shop. So not only do you get an advertising spot for a certain amount of time depending on the BNR/BNS, but you also get something you would have purchased anyway! You also have a great chance of getting at least one sale (also depending on the BNR/BNS) and you get to meet a wonderful group of fellow artisians! Not an ETSY seller??? That's fine, check out the deals usually only available to shoppers of the BNR/BNSs! Here are two going on now that I'm featured in BNR with Ni and this one BNS with Tara But don't feel you have to buy from me!!!! This is the bracelet I bought from CreatingWithNi
She runs one of the BNS that is fact she usually has one going! Check them out, stay and chat, buy and support an artist! oh and get a great deal too!!! See you there!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Etsy shop to share....

I thought I would share some of my Favorite shops! Today I'm featuring Kookycritters!
I "hearted" Holly's shop when I saw these adorable beasties! I thought of my son and added it to my list of ideas for him. She contacted me with an idea to have me make one of her creations into a stamp for her shop! How could I resist!!!!! She is a wonderful person to work with and her creations are simply adorable! Stop by her shop, browse and smile. That's what I did!!!! And don't forget to pick up a little monster for your little monster!!! That's what I'm going to do! ;)
Happy Friday!