Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trilobites on Journals!!!

I think this smile says it all!!! At least it says how happy Timmy is with his new journal! I found this wonderful Etsy shop that makes journal covers, billfolds, wallets and ipod/iphone covers! Not only does she create these wonderful items, she stamps on them too! How unique!!! One of my new Adventure sets was A Blast From The Past. It has a trilobite in it and was inspired by Timmy's love of fossils. I chatted with InBlue and mailed my set to her so she could work her magic! Timmy was able to choose if he wanted leather or vinyl and what color vinyl he wanted his journal cover to be! So many options!!! And the nice thing is it's a cover so later on when he is older he would still be able to use it, just pop a new book into it and he's ready to go!
Well, yesterday when it came in the mail Timmy was as thrilled as could be! He held it and flipped through the pages talking about all the things he was going to do in it. Then he asked for more journals!!!! I think he'll be writing and drawing a lot in his journal this summer to earn his next one, don't you!

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