Friday, September 16, 2011

More Matchbook stamps!!!

First a word to thank all my customers/friends, Thank you all for the kind wishes, prayers and understanding of the delay in your orders. For those who haven't heard I was having gallbladder attacks for awhile. The last couple months they started to come more frequently and by August I was not only having more attacks, but they were becoming more severe. I was unable to keep up with my order and on the 19th of August I went to the emergency room. They ran all the fun tests and admitted me to the hospital for emergency surgery the next day. The infection was pretty bad and they kept me in the hospital for 5 days, pumping me with antibiotics and fluids. It took me a good 2 1/2 weeks to get the strength to start making stamps again....with a little rest inbetween! But I'm happy to say the orders are almost all caught up and out the door!!!! Everyone has been so sweet and all the kind words and new friendships have helped me take care of myself and heal so much faster.  From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!!!

And NOW>>>>Here they are! A basket full of matchbook stamps ready to be added to your order. Each order gets one matchbook stamps, they are around the size of a quarter, as seen in a previous post. I try and match the stamp with the stamps that are in your order. I also try to keep track of any matchbook stamps I may have sent you in previous orders. But if you want to make sure you get a specific one or want the same one just leave me a note!!! I think they are cute and are a perfect background stamp if used over and over!
This is the five that are available now. I do have a couple that I don't make often and there is many more in the works!
Postcard, Bat, Corner Flourish, Plumeria, and Balloon

Hurry back...I hope to be posting some new stamps soon to be available!!! A hint...The bat has a big brother! ;)
Thanks again