Sunday, January 6, 2008

A New Year!!!

WOW!!! 2008 is here! My goal is to add a new set of stamps a week. I added the ticker to keep track of my goal, which I set alittle higher. So if you see the butterfly move and want to see what is new in my online store go to and see what's new! I am very excited and have a few friends inspiring me. I am finishing up on a swirl stamp (below)that Lynda helped inspire along with a layout list that she thought of! And I also have a set that is in the works to use on the gifts and cards alot of you like to do, that was an idea from Tricia. So I have been extremely busy and loving it!!!! Of course Paper Popsicles is my online home, I'm always there when I'm not working on the stamps....sometimes when I am working on the stamps! ahahaahaa Here are the new Swirl stamps I just finished. The large one is 5" and the triple Swirls are 31/2"!
hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them!!! They should be available at Paper Popsicles hopefully by next weekend. And of course at that's jazzy stamp dreams site! Well time to get started on another set of stamps!!!