Saturday, May 28, 2011

A new friend!

He arrived yesterday. Wrapped in very cheerful paper in a large envelope. When I saw the return address label with the picture of who was inside I handed it to my little guy. He knew nothing of what could be inside! When I helped out Sherman and handed him to Timmy, that was it! True love! Timmy has taken it with him everywhere.... To bed, the dinner table, the petstore and Target! He's the first thing he grabs in the morning and the last thing he let's go of before falling asleep. Yes I think Timmy likes his new friend!!! Now I've seen Sherman for awhile and was determinded to get one for him. Everytime I went to Holly's shop, KookyCritters I just smiled. How can you not smile at these fun kooky critters!!! You may have remember I did a previous post of this shop. I helped make a stamp for her and she used it on the tag that had the story about Sherman. Which by the way, my son absolutely loved reading! And since this monster is a Tooth Fairy pillow, Timmy wanted  to know when he was going to lose a tooth!!! So Sherman has made his way into Timmy heart and our family and I have a feeling that this is the begining of a beautifully kooky relationship!


Michaela! said...

This is so cute! What a great shop!!

ChickieChirps said...

This is so cute Sheila and Timmy looks so happy with Sherman! So sweet!

I hope you are well!!!