Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marie Antoinette, Copics and what's in store...soon

I've been working on a few new stamps and this lovely lady is one of them! Introducing Marie Antoinette!!! I also found a minute to color her in with my copic markers!!! I haven't used them to often so I'm very pleased by how she turned out. So keep a look out for the Queen along with her monogram and crownto complete the set!
Some other set that I plan on releasing soon are "Backyard Critters", "Timmy's Lines", and  "A little Thanks". There are also several still getting the final touches a Celtic Cross, Gears and Cogs, Pocket Watch, and Paris Fashion just to name a few! If you're curious about what's happening and when, sign up for my enewsletter on the right. Or convo me through ETSY anytime!!!! I love to chat!

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