Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hahahaha They are not as scarey as you might think!!!! Actually they are so much fun!It's a great way for ETSY shops to advertise. You buy a spot by buying from a featured shop. So not only do you get an advertising spot for a certain amount of time depending on the BNR/BNS, but you also get something you would have purchased anyway! You also have a great chance of getting at least one sale (also depending on the BNR/BNS) and you get to meet a wonderful group of fellow artisians! Not an ETSY seller??? That's fine, check out the deals usually only available to shoppers of the BNR/BNSs! Here are two going on now that I'm featured in BNR with Ni and this one BNS with Tara But don't feel you have to buy from me!!!! This is the bracelet I bought from CreatingWithNi
She runs one of the BNS that is fact she usually has one going! Check them out, stay and chat, buy and support an artist! oh and get a great deal too!!! See you there!!!

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mamma_nee said...

I do read blogs :)

that bracelet sure looks familiar ! lol
Perfect fit if I do say so myself :)