Friday, February 4, 2011

A week ago, on our Friday trip to the library, guess who I finally got a photo of! I've been trying to get a picture of this guy since I first saw him this past summer. Of course it may not be the same guy, this one does seem a bit bigger. But all summer I would make sure I had my camera and the one day I didn't is when I could have had an awesome photo. Since that day we would keep our eyes peeled , looking at every retention pond and lake around the library. Finally last week Tim saw him and I made him drive around the parking lot so I could get out and take a photo. Tim thought I was crazy, but I had to get the photo! Tim thought for sure I would get closer....sorry dear I'm not THAT crazy! But my zoom works awesome, don't you think? Wondering yet who I'm talking about??? scroll down and see....

Yea, Tim wasn't as impressed with him as I was either! But how interesting the pattern and texture of his skin...only in nature! What do you think another stamp for my adventure series?

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ChickieChirps said...

He's beautiful! I love the way the light is shining on his tail.