Saturday, April 16, 2011

Busy Busy...

Somedays it seems like I don't have a moment to relax! That's how it's been lately. I have had more than a normal amount of Special Orders the past couple weeks. I like it! It keeps me busy, gives me inspiration and sometimes I come up with a new stamp for the collection!
First one was from a lady who helps her mom at her rug hooking shop. She asked for two special journaling blocks. One with the Hooked by and the second of a cat. Well I thought of our cat for the model of that one.

Next I was making several stamps for a group of cardmakers and they wanted the signature stamp for the back of their cards. One wanted a little dragonfly by her name. AS usual, I got carried away and made one with a lot of fun swirls and dots. After I was done I just knew when I shrunk it down it wouldn't look good I decided to make it big...he is 4" from tip of the wing to the tip of the other wing. And I must say I do like this fun guy!!!

I'm still working on more Special orders and they should be done this weekend! I can tell you right now there is at least one more new set coming!!!
I better get to work if I want them finished them!!! Come back later this week to see the other new set!

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