Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New New New!!!

I have been very busy with design to turn into stamps!!! I've teamed up with Alura on Etsy. She has so many fantastic items from the Victorian era!!! Plus check out her other items, she is very crafty!
She has sent me some wonderful illustrations from Victorian times and I've been having a blast! I have been getting them ready for the stamp making process. In fact, I have 2 from her collection that I already made into stamps...and you know I just can't resist playing!!! I'm getting the insert cards ready and soon they should be in the shop for sale! I can't wait to show you!!!

Besides those 2 new sets I also have several others that just need the insert cards done and will soon be in the shop. One set is great for all my Etsy, Zibbets and ArtFire friends, they are little thank yous. There are 8 different stamps in this set. From Thank you in several differnt fonts to Always a Pleasure, Thanks a Bunch, and Thank you for your continued support. So that you always have the perfect thank you for that perfect customer!!!

So off I go to complete the packaging for these, take photos and load them to my shops.... And of course give you a look at the finished stamps too!!! So don't go to far! Or better yet sign up to my Enewsletter on the right!!! And have it deposited into your email box!

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