Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Finally! The winner is.......

Sorry for the delay folks! I had several orders I needed to take care of, get the little guy ready for school (it's starts next week!) and some trouble with stomach issues UGH! But I'm finally able to get this done!!!
I want to thank Clare for getting this together. I've had fun reading the comments and making new friends. I wanted to also thank everyone who visited my blog and signed up for the enewsletter! I'll be sending it out with images of new stamp releases and let you have a sneak peek at stamps that in the works also with a code to get special discounts for my enewsletter subscribers!!!

And NOW the winner, whos name was drawn out of a hat by my 8 year old.......JADE! Congratulations!!!!
Thank you everyone again for playing along and visiting my blog!!!!

Sorry for the mix up on the coupon code...It's actually 10% of your order!! Use 10EQUALS10 for the month of August to take advantage of the deal.
Hope to see you around my shop!!!


Jade said...

Wow! I'm super honored! Can't wait to start shopping!

cgl1539 said...

Congratulations Jade way to go!!