Friday, August 24, 2007

What to post!

That's the question of this week! As I watch the curse blink at me, I still wonder what to post! I have been working on alot of layouts this month. After looking at how little I did last month and I thought I had done more. So I made it a personal challenge to do a layout every other day! So far I have kept up, only one layout I'm not happy with and will no dout disassemble it! I love challenging myself, it keeps me motivated and the creative juices bubbling! I usually do multi-photo layouts, but have done a few single photo layouts and I'm quite pleased with them.

This is one of the latest I've done. I love taking photos of my son sleeping, he doesn't do it enough! This is also the last of my Piggy Tales "Frog Prince" papers, did I mention how much I love these! Well tonight is the last night for the DT call at Piggy Tales....Yes I submitted and yes I'm a nervous wreck. Probably why I've been scrappin so much! They don't call the new DT until Aug. 29 and they are not posting the winners on their site until Sept.1 so talk about more time to be nervous! I also submitted to October Afternoon. I found it on pub calls and I believe it's a new site. They have more than just stamps. They have beautiful country paper and tags also some wonderful rubons! And since I also submitted to them, just something else to worry about! What I really need to do is start submitting my artwork to manufacturers. How cool would that be scrappin with my own products that I designed! But like alot of artists the fear of the unknown and the chance of being regected holds us back. Looking at these words I just wrote and thinking, how foolish! I could be doing something I love and sharing my ideas with the scrap-world. Not to mention helping the family financially and still be here for my boy! Well, I guess I had more to post than I thought! Enjoy the weekend coming up! Play alot and laugh more!!! I have some drawings to work on and submit!

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arlsmom said...

Best of luck on your submissions...either would be lucky to have you!!