Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Projects, Ideas and Research.....

That is what I have in store for the Labor Day weekend....starting tonight! The main PROJECT is tiling the backsplash by my kitchen sink. I only started it in 2002! I can't simply tile I have to paint and bake the tile before installing the tile. The reason it went on hold was I found out I was pregnant and didn't trust the paint fumes. Well baby is 4 1/2 years old! So I need to finish this project! Hubby will be happy to see it completed!
IDEAS come in the form of Scrap layouts and art designs. Also tags, we are having a tag swap at Paper Popsicles. There is 10 ladies participating, it's going to be SOOO much fun!
The RESEARCH is about starting our own business. Hubby likes the sound of that "our". I have been looking into business license, product developement, funding.....ugh!

Another part I'm researching is Ebay to sell some statues of Devil Rays players we got at the games last year and this. I have been wanting to sell mine....don't need three! Now I have a reason! Also some other odds and ends, atleast it can make a dent in the funding part....I hope! So wish me luck in my endeavors, just wanting to keep busy! As a side note I didn't get the call today for Piggy Tales. I was hoping because I really enjoy their papers and accesories. But things happen for a reason and it may have interfered with my business venture. At least that's what I'm telling myself!

As for these layouts they are from Paper Popsicles supplies! Actually Augusts' kit which is no longer available! Sorry, but take a peek at Septembers and Octobers kits! If your interested get them early....they have been going FAST! I haven't been disappointed with anything from Paper Popsicles!
The "future gardener?" is my son being curious. He would take the fake fruit and veggies in and out of the basket! "In Line" is a photo of my son's master work of lining things up. He took his favorite book "Bear snores on" and put his bears in a line over the top of the book. It was too cute and had to get a photo of it! I still smile thinking of him hunting for stuffed bears to put together!
Well that is about what my Labor Day is going to be about, hope yours is enjoyable! Until next week, keep busy!


arlsmom said...

Wow...sounds like you have a lot going on this weekend!!! Sorry about the PT dt....their loss!!! Good luck with Ebay..I've sold a few things on there.
Can't wait to see your tags!!

Valery said...

My heavens I am tired just reading about your busy weekend plans!!!

Sorry to hear about Piggy Tales, but like Lynda said, their loss!!! You are very talented!!!!

I am excited about the tag swap just to get my butt in gear!!!

Becca said...

hey, you've been tagged. check my blog!